It’s no secret that In-House legal teams are under increasing pressure to provide broader service and greater expertise to their organizations than ever before.

We recognize that for in-house counsel, it’s more than just legal acumen. Professional versatility, clear business sense and capable of collaborating and communicating effectively with the business leaders of the organization, are the hallmarks of successful in-house counsel. We understand the importance of these skills to the in-house team at all levels of experience.

So whether recruiting and placing direct hires or temporary/project based specialized talent, we bring the right people with the right skills to improve the performance of your in-house legal team.

From recorded video interviews of our candidates to quick and easy electronic documents, we leverage custom-built technology using highly advanced and fully automated software throughout the hiring process. Our video interviewing technology allows your team to meet our candidates “face-to-face,” which saves you and the candidates time. We strive to make it easy for candidates to work with us, which is what allows us to boast  a large database of passive candidates. Our technology delivers cost savings and process improvements that benefit both employers and candidates.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and client successes. Tell us what your organization needs and we will make it happen.