Why You Need to Be Using Video Interviews in Your Hiring Process

Our Experts | Deborah Peters In the past, information technology was a vertical industry that created software, services and devices to sell to other companies. Now tech is integrated into every business, in every industry. This is the time to join the movement with all things tech, to streamline your processes […]

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Updating Your Legal Resume

Our Experts | Alexandra Ripich Whether you’ve been in the legal field for years or just graduated law school, it is imperative to keep your resume updated and up-to-par with industry standards. On average, a recruiter or hiring manager spends six seconds glancing at a resume, which is why it is […]

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The Advantages of Video Interviews and How to Prepare For Them

Our Experts | Deb Peters If you’re in the job market, it’s to your advantage to be prepared for all of a company’s new recruiting tools, including video interviews. If you think you’ll never be asked to participate in a video interview, just wait: I suspect that within the next two […]

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