recent bar graduates
Five Reasons to Hire Recent Bar Graduates

It’s that time of year again – recent bar graduates have sighed a breath of relief and are eager to start their career. With bright eyes and open minds, they send their resume all around in high hopes of interviews that will lead to their first job out of law […]

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When You Don’t Need to Hire a Recruiter

As a company with hiring needs, you might be questioning whether it is really worth your while to hire a third-party recruiter to fill your open positions. You might have your own internal recruiters, or you might just be a hands-on hiring manager who knows what you’re looking for. You […]

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When You “Don’t Have a Need” for Recruiters

Working in the staffing and recruitment industry, I am entrusted to build relationships with clients, potential clients and everyone in between. The trouble is, I’m often told, “I don’t have a need  right now,” which is usually a nice way of cutting off the communication before it even starts. It […]

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alternative staffing major legal service
The Next Big Trend in Legal Recruitment: Alternative Staffing

We meet with legal professionals every day. If there’s one trend we’ve seen emerging in terms of legal recruiting, it’s the concept of alternative staffing. We’ve all felt the pressure to manage costs more effectively to stay competitive. Does your department, or even your law firm, really need another full-time, […]

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The Real Cost of Attorney Turnover

Our Experts | Sally Goodwin   In the legal industry associate turnover can be costly which makes hiring right a significant consideration when attracting qualified practice talent.  In some circles the estimated figures associated with poor retention have reached in the hundreds of thousands depending on level. Additionally, the inherent […]

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Why You Need to Be Using Video Interviews in Your Hiring Process

Our Experts | Deborah Peters In the past, information technology was a vertical industry that created software, services and devices to sell to other companies. Now tech is integrated into every business, in every industry. This is the time to join the movement with all things tech, to streamline your processes […]

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Qualities of Great Recruiters

Our Experts | Alexandra Ripich As the hiring manager, HR specialist or other liaison working between your company and a staffing firm to find top talent, you want to know that you can trust and rely on your recruiter. Here are the qualities to look for in a great recruiter that […]

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