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How to Stay Happy as a New Lawyer

You just passed the Bar Exam. This should be the greatest time of your life: finally out of school and starting your new career. But with long hours and a competitive environment, lawyers are known be some of the unhappiest professionals. With much higher depression, anxiety and stress levels, as […]

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Your Business Connections Don’t Have to LIKE You

By Aaron Grossman, CEO I know most of you have heard the line before: PEOPLE DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE THEY LIKE AND TRUST. This is how businesses define SALES and RELATIONSHIPS within the SALES PROCESS. For the most part, I am torn by this statement. I do agree with the […]

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Why Your Talent Is Leaving and What You Can Do to Keep It

Originally published by Smart Business Insights | Talent by Robin Doerschuk   Your business is losing employees. It’s nothing to worry about. You can just replace them, right? “Of course businesses can replace employees who choose to leave, but understand that it takes time to hire and train new people. […]

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Why Sell When You Can Build Relationships?

Our Experts | David Allen Pursuing a career in business development? You’ve probably already been told that you will have good days and bad days and not to take rejection personally. That is obviously good advice and maybe a salesperson’s greatest challenge. Here’s another piece of advice that you may not […]

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