The holidays bring around the time of year when people are in the spirit of giving and come together to do meaningful things for their communities. If you have a career in the legal field, there are ways to use your skills for a good cause, which are also a fulfilling way to use your time. Some companies may even give you paid time off to volunteer your skills to non-profit organizations or individuals in need. Learn how to use your skills and give back:

Offer mentorship

A young attorney or a law student would greatly benefit from an older mentor with experiences to share. If you are looking for a way to give back, invest your time in a young or soon-to-be lawyer. Think back to the time you were starting your career and trying to find your way. If you were lucky enough to have a mentor, you probably realize now how it helped you in more ways than one. Take this opportunity to share your wisdom and help a fellow lawyer learn from your own legal journey.

Pro-bono work

Pro-bono work is one of the best ways for lawyers to donate their time and volunteer for a good cause. A lot of organizations could benefit from legal counsel, but can’t afford it. If you look for a local non-profit organization and approach them with the intention of helping, chances are they will be beyond thankful for your help. If you’re looking for additional ways to donate legal experience or time to charity, check out this blog.

Join a board

A lot of local community boards are in need of legal advice. By researching advisory boards in your community, you may find a board in serious need of some help. Not only will the board benefit from your expertise, you have the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives. A lot of advisory boards are involved with charities or how local money is spent. The expertise of a lawyer can make a huge difference in the lives of those affected by certain advisory boards.

As a lawyer, you have the opportunity to offer expertise that is in demand. If you are thinking about giving back this holiday season, use your skills to your advantage! If the holidays are a more stressful time of year for you, check out these tips to keep calm and bring yourself some holiday happiness!