Congratulations! All of your hard work paid off. You passed the bar; now what? It’s now time to work on making yourself marketable. You have the skills, you just need to prove it. Follow these tips and set yourself on the path to success:

Network and craft a meaningful resume

All of the time and energy you placed into studying for the bar exam can now be channeled into a job search. A resume tells a lot about you, make sure you are articulating all of the hard work and dedication it took to finish law school and move on to pass the bar exam. Attend local networking events, contact old law school friends and take time crafting an attractive resume and the next best opportunity may arise.

Don’t get discouraged

You may not find a job right away, and if you find one it may not be your dream job. Don’t get discouraged. Landing a job in your field is an accomplishment to begin with, and your first job is far from a life sentence. Stay positive and continue to work on your skills while on the hunt for a job you will find more fulfilling.

Keep an open mind

After passing the bar exam is a time to be flexible. You are no longer restrained to classes and studying, so you should be flexible about possible job opportunities. Even if your mind is set on practicing in a certain area, this may be a good time to expand your horizons and explore career opportunities in new places. If this means you have to take another bar exam, consider yourself even more educated and experienced. There is no such thing as “too much” knowledge and certification.

Tap your mentors

Now more than ever you may be feeling guidance is in order. This is a great time to reach out to your legal contacts and ask for advice. They have been through all of this and know how you’re feeling. Whether you’re excited or anxious for the next chapter in your life, a mentor is a great person to bounce ideas off of.

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