The rise of cloud-based technology has made it possible for many professionals to work from almost anywhere in the world. The same is proving to be true for attorneys. If you’ve been looking for a way to take your legal career into the 21st century, opening a virtual law firm and working remotely could be just the solution.

Here’s what opening a virtual law firm could mean for your career:

More Flexibility

A virtual law firm could mean a better work/life balance for you. By working remotely, you can keep more flexible working hours. You will also save time by cutting out your drive time, avoiding traffic and inclement weather. You can work wherever you have internet service, giving you a lot of variety on your work setting. Even if you travel for a client visit or have a family emergency, you can still pick up and work wherever you are.  

Save Money

With a virtual law firm, there is no need for physical office space which means you will save money on rent. Rent is often one of the biggest expenses for a law firm. Parking fees are another major expense a virtual law office can help you save money on. In most big cities, you either pay for parking meters or your company takes money out of your check for a company garage or parking lot. Work remotely and save money on all the things an office typically calls for, like office supplies: binders, notebooks, tissues, staplers, big fax machines and printers… the list goes on!

Reach a New Market

Working virtually allows you to extend your reach outside of your local community. There is a huge audience that looks to the internet for service and assistance. Reach new people who have grown up with the internet being their number one source of information. Being available to do business online will appeal to this younger generation.

New Tools

There are tools available for you to use with your virtual law firm that will make things easy for you and your clients. Client portal tools allow users to communicate with their attorney online, store documents or even pay their bills online.

Virtual law firms allow you to gain a new work/life balance, more money and new business. This may be the way of the future for legal professionals! Learn more about how the legal landscape is changing due to technology in our post about e-discovery.