In the legal space, the job hunt can be tough. Sometimes all you need is a connection to a professional in the position to help advance your career. Working with a recruiter gives you access to their knowledge of the industry and many of their connections. Here are ways a recruiter’s network can help you get your foot in the door:

Ask your recruiter for industry tips

If you are working with a recruiter that specializes in the legal industry, they will have a lot of experience making connections and meeting with legal professionals. Tap into your recruiters expertise and past experiences by asking them for tips on how to approach an interview or meeting with a desire legal professional. Specialized recruiters can be one of the best resources on how to approach professionals in the field.

Be open about your needs

If you are completely open about your wants and needs with your recruiter, you will benefit greatly. Telling your recruiter the exact industry you are interested in will help jump start the job search and help you get a foot in the door at a desired company much faster. For example, if a recruiter asks you if you have a specific industry of interest, be upfront about your wants and this will help guide a recruiter’s search. When it comes down to your specific needs, a recruiter’s network can be a vital part of meeting your needs. 

Ask for an introduction

The legal space can be a tight-knit community. If you notice your recruiter is connected with a legal professional you want to connect with, ask for an introduction. A recruiter is not going to willingly connect you with a professional with whom you are seeking a job, so go about the introduction as an informational or mentorship opportunity. Speciality recruiters have built up a network for a reason; you should start using it! A simple way to ask for an introduction from a recruiter is to bring up how you look up to one of the legal professionals you have noticed they are connected with on LinkedIn. If your recruiter then offers to introduce you, you will be on-track to making a helpful new professional connection.

recruiters' network

Take opportunities presented to you

Your recruiter is working hard selling you to legal professionals; take advantage and seize opportunities given to you! If a recruiter gets you an interview with a company that wasn’t on your radar, be open to the possibility it may be a perfect opportunity. Keeping an open mind about every opportunity allows you to meet more people and make connections in the professional work.

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