If it’s time to start the search for a new employee in your law firm or corporate legal department, you should consider your options before setting out to look for new talent. There are a lot of ways to find talent, but the quality and efficiency are up in the air for many methods. Enlisting a staffing firm to help with your next new legal hire can be the difference between a great employee and one you wish you didn’t hire.

Save time and money

One of the most efficient ways to find experienced talent is to use a staffing service. Many firms do not have the resources to conduct a thorough and lengthy search for new legal hires. Using a staffing service to find experienced talent cuts down on the time and frustration of finding a qualified employee, and in the end saves money. An attorney taking hours and hours out of work days to seek out and interview talent is time that could be spent on client accounts. A staffing firm can also work with a small time frame. Let’s say you have an experienced attorney leave your firm on short notice – you’d need a replacement quickly to pick up the work they left.  A staffing firm can pull job seekers from their bench of job seekers for a faster turnaround.

Access to an experienced pool of talent

A common misconception is that it’s easy to find workers. While there are people searching for a new career, the talent market is tight right now. Raising awareness of your open position and receiving not just applicants, but qualified and desirable applicants, can take some serious skill. When partnering with a staffing firm you unlock access to a database of skilled potential employees.

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Ability to be flexible

Oftentimes, the need for a legal hire is time-sensitive and may only last for a certain amount of time. Staffing firms are experienced in project-based work and ready to send you qualified professionals that are willing to fill a temporary position. Working with a staffing firm for your legal needs makes it easier to be flexible with your hiring contracts in times of need.

If your firm is looking for it’s next great legal hire, contact Major Legal Services to assist in finding a qualified employee quickly.