It’s that time of year again – recent bar graduates have sighed a breath of relief and are eager to start their career. With bright eyes and open minds, they send their resume all around in high hopes of interviews that will lead to their first job out of law school.

Firms across the country will receive applications from recent graduates, and unfortunately some will ignore the applications. Ignoring the resumes of newly minted grads could be a costly mistake. Why should your firm embrace recent bar graduates?

New Knowledge

The recent graduates have extensive knowledge of all of the latest laws and trends. They just studied hard for their bar exam and passed, so they know the information well. A recently educated attorney can bring a new perspective to the table. The latest graduates also are tech savvy and have new skills that can benefit your firm.

High Energy

Just passing the bar exam is invigorating. It feels as if you’ve just conquered something impossible, and the excitement to begin working is high. This energy may be exactly what your firm or practice needs. Bar graduates are eager to jump in and help with anything, work as long as needed and give it their all.

Lower Salary Requirements

Recent bar graduates can deliver expertise and great work ethic without the high price tag. When looking for a new addition to your firm, experienced attorneys come with a big salary requirement. Recent bar graduates can be the solution to your staffing needs.

Opportunity to Provide Experience

Hiring a recent graduate is an opportunity to provide mentorship and professional development tips for someone just starting out. Just think, that was all of us at one point – fresh out of school and looking for that coveted first job. This is an opportunity for an entire firm to share expertise with a young mind. Watching a graduate grow into a seasoned professional is rewarding for everyone involved.

Fresh Ideas

Sometimes, it’s hard to think outside the box when you’re immersed in a problem or idea. Bringing a recent bar graduate on board can solve that problem. They haven’t been molded into your company like the rest of your staff, so they have the opportunity to bring innovative ideas to the firm. These new ideas paired with others’ years of experience can spark important change in your firm.

When your firm is looking for a new addition, be careful not to rule out recent bar graduates. They can be a saving grace and help to energize your entire team. If you’re currently looking to hire a recent bar graduate or any other level attorney, contact a Major Legal Services representative to assist in your search.