Working in the staffing and recruitment industry, I am entrusted to build relationships with clients, potential clients and everyone in between. The trouble is, I’m often told, “I don’t have a need  right now,” which is usually a nice way of cutting off the communication before it even starts.

It is understandable that you may not have a staffing need right now, but trust me when I tell you that you can never meet enough good people.

If you always opt out of speaking with a recruiter or salesperson, you might be missing opportunities that you’d otherwise jump on right away.


For instance, I love to meet with new contacts and just listen to them talk about their business. Discussing non-talent-related needs and goals with an outsider can open whole new perspectives on business obstacles.

If we end up solving a business problem you didn’t even know you had, it wouldn’t be uncommon.

Industry Insights

And it’s not always about solving problems, either. Sometimes I’m able to share my insights on industry trends from the work I do, that might help your business looking forward. If you don’t have any issues I can solve, it can be beneficial just to stay ahead of the curve on upcoming industry shifts.

Getting Connected

If neither of those work for you – how about this: I love connecting like-minded businesspeople. Maybe I don’t have the consultation you’re looking for. Maybe you don’t need talent. But perhaps you need connections in a different industry. If I know someone who could do well to meet you, too, I am happy to connect.

The point is, you might not have a talent need right now, and I get that. But I do want to create relationships through dialogue, honest consultation where I can and making meaningful connections outside of myself.

Being a salesman has a little to do with sales, and a lot to do with relationships and adding value. I challenge you to meet with a salesperson when called upon, or even give us a call!