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You have visited the reasons to depart your legal job a million times and now you are contemplating quitting without another job.

A single or a myriad of issues can sustain this urge: culture, boredom, personality conflicts, remuneration, career advancement, lack of reasonable work/life balance, practice style differences, spouse’s career move, etc. Generally, it is easier to look for a job from a job but, you may feel the prevailing circumstances are intolerable.

However, before taking the leap ask yourself:

  1. Can you identify any reasonable solutions to either solve the issue(s) or at a minimum provide a sustainable workplace environment from which to launch your search for a new job? What has prevented you from making a job transition in a controlled fashion? Is this decision to depart purely emotional or truly strategic?


  1. Would it be too difficult to search for a new position while remaining employed? The situation and your own level of exhaustion may be such that the true answer may be yes. Nevertheless, have you put fingers to the keyboard and tried to formulate a plan of action that will allow you to do both?


  1. Are there any external pressures (separate from the job itself) that might be producing hurdles to an effective search while maintaining your job? Perhaps finding a solution here could provide the stability you need to hold onto your present position while job hunting.


  1. You also need to explore how departing your job may affect important relationships. Make sure you have talked about your concerns and plans with someone you trust and/or with the individual(s) who will be most affected in your personal life by the impact of your decision. It is also important to consider colleagues and client relationships; having invested time and effort with both burning bridges is an outcome to be avoided.