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Usually, the desire to leave your job doesn’t occur overnight. A series of events (or even a lack thereof) might fuel your choice to seek new employment or leave your current employer.

Indeed, you may reach an emotional point where your mind is set to depart without having a new job in place.  However, the option to say goodbye under these circumstances cannot exist without serious analysis and strategic planning.

Here are just a few practical things to think about before you depart:

  1. Finances: Mortgage? Student loans? Car payment? Credit card debt? Healthcare coverage? Retirement? Have you completed a true analysis of your monthly expenses? Do you have enough saved to maintain life (both the foreseen and unforeseen) while you search for a new opportunity, return to school, or take a sabbatical and travel the world? Dipping into retirement savings is generally to be avoided.
  1. The employment gap on your resume: On the whole, prospective legal-based employers still look for a consistent career path on an attorney resume. A hiatus in employment (especially if it is protracted) can create a potential “red flag” and thus a hurdle to securing the next position, whether it is with a law firm, in-house or with some other entity.
  1. Exit strategy and timing details: Is your skill set and practice in demand? Will you need a transferable book of business to secure a new law firm position? Will clients actually follow you? Are you leaving your current employer/clients in the middle of a complex matter or at an inopportune time?
  1. Legal ethics and confidentiality: employment agreements/contracts, potential fiduciary requirements, unfair competition, etc. What are your duties to your law firm and its clients under the prevailing code of ethical conduct should you decide to leave your position?

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