Our Experts | David Allen

When you are leaving a job, whether you love it or hate it, there are rules of etiquette to follow. Even if you want to burn a bridge, it is never a good idea. People tend to move around and you never know who you’ll run into at a future place of employment, as a boss, coworker or client. Here are our 4 tips to give notice without burning bridges:

 1. Take the high road. Always be respectful, regardless of how you feel about the job or people you are leaving. There is no need to bring up your qualms or ways in which the company could improve. This is only necessary if you are asked for a formal exit interview. Instead, when asked about your departure, talk about the ways in which your new position is a great opportunity for you.

 2. Give a two-week notice. This is common courtesy and just good business for your reputation. It doesn’t need to be more than two weeks, but any less and you may be leaving a sour taste in your previous employer’s mouth.

 3. Tell your boss first. Even trusted friends and coworkers might let your big news slip and word travels fast. If your boss doesn’t hear it from you first, it can be damaging to your relationship. The respectful thing to do is go to your boss first.

 4. Don’t check out early. You might not have a huge workload after giving notice, but there is still much you can do. Offer to train your replacement, make sure all your projects are wrapped up and that anyone taking on your work has all the information they need to seamlessly take over. If you are being paid for your last two weeks – work them.

It comes down to your work ethic and leaving behind a good impression. It’s important that your reputation precedes you so that you will have recommendations in the future and relationships to fall back on in any situation.