Our Experts | Alexandra Ripich


There could be any number of reasons you’ve decided to leave a job without a backup plan. It isn’t the ideal situation, but there are still ways you can stay relevant and valuable while you seek out your next opportunity in the legal field.

 1. Network. Reach out to your contacts and let them know you are seeking. You never know what openings they are connected to, or if they have side work that you could help to complete.

 2. Look for contract and document review work. It has become more common for firms to use contractors to complete their document review projects as well as other work. The best part is that it keeps your revenue flowing, while the part-time work gives you enough spare time to continue seeking your next full-time position.

 3. Reach out to a recruiter. It can be difficult to find contract work on your own, but recruiters are connected to and trusted by firms from their working relationships. Recruiters may even be able to find you a more permanent solution.

 4. Volunteer at Legal Aid. Reach out to your nearby Legal Aid or a similar organization and put your skills to use so that you don’t get rusty. In the meantime, you might even learn new things from the people around you and the tasks you are given.

 5. Continue learning. Pick up an online course, get certified for something new, or take a refresher course on something you learned before. Continue your legal education while you have the availability and be more marketable than ever!