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Are you a seasoned attorney seeking to re-enter the workforce? Have you just relocated? Perhaps you are between jobs or the workload ebbs and flows of solo practice. Whatever your circumstances, alternate options do exist for temporary legal work beyond electronic discovery assignments.

A corporate law department, a municipal law department, a law firm practice group or other entity might seek to hire an experienced attorney on a temporary basis to work on a sophisticated matter. For example, a corporation may need assistance during a large acquisition or a law firm may want coverage for an attorney out on extended leave. These projects typically command a higher rate of hourly compensation than those offered by document review. Subject‐matter expertise can run the gamut and provide a duration of anywhere from a few weeks to numerous months.

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With the ever-present demand for legal fee transparency and certainty, there is a growing use of temporary attorneys in this market.[/perfectpullquote]

Access to a diverse and highly qualified talent pool provides an organization with the ability to handle pressing shorter-term issues or overflow matters in a cost-effective and efficient manner. A variety of work options may also exist for the practitioner: the ability to complete the assignment remotely or split time between remote and onsite; part‐time rather than full‐time, or, less commonly, after business hours/weekends. Additionally, unlike electronic discovery projects, these opportunities sometimes lead to a direct‐hire position.

For those who have transitioned away from a firm to establish their own practice, these assignments may serve as an income bridge. For freelance practitioners who no longer wish to occupy a full-time, long-term position, they can offer flexibility. For an attorney who is between jobs, they can minimize the employment gap while continuing the job search.

If you are an attorney interested in being considered for this type of assignment or want to learn more about how to retain the services of an experienced temporary attorney, reach out to one of our experienced recruiters today. You never know what kind of work might be waiting for you!