Our Experts | Lesley Shiels

Although the legal profession is still seen as one of the most traditional industries, across the nation many firms are becoming more casual in their dress. Where suits and ties once reigned, there are now business casual dress codes.

Some firms now let their workers wear blouses and dress pants as opposed to suits. However, if you have an interview at a legal firm, you should dress in traditionally accepted attire. No matter how casual the firm is, you still want to make a great first impression, and it is really expected of applicants to dress formally when it comes to the interview.

When dressing for your interview with a legal firm, the resounding rule of thumb is “conservative.” Here are some staple wardrobe pieces you should have in your closet as a legal professional that you can safely pull out and wear for your interview:

– a matching suit

– dress pants

– pencil skirt

– nice blouses and button up shirts

– blazer or suit jacket, and tie for men

– low dress heels for ladies, or dress shoes for men

When styling your outfit, be careful of selecting your hairstyle, jewelry or other accessories that might take away from the traditional professionalism of the legal industry. If it doesn’t scream “conservative!” it’s better left at home.

When working with a recruiter, they can generally tell you how casual or traditional a firm is from previous experience. You can also probably find out from your interviewer how casual their firm is, but no matter what you will want to dress business professional for any interview.