Our Experts | Alexandra Ripich

As the hiring manager, HR specialist or other liaison working between your company and a staffing firm to find top talent, you want to know that you can trust and rely on your recruiter. Here are the qualities to look for in a great recruiter that will put your mind at ease as they look for the best person to fill your open position:

They know your industry. Many agencies have generalists that fill anything from nurses to plant managers. Find a specialized recruiter that is active in your specific market and knows your industry.

They know the current hiring trends. You want a recruiter that is knowledgeable about your industry, location, and your open position.

They are resourceful in utilizing their connections and making new ones. They use contemporary sourcing methods and not just cold calls.

They are committed to your goals and do not try to compromise them. They understand your needs and do everything to meet them. They know that your success is their success.

They have a sense of urgency to fill your open position. They know that long searches cost you money and they don’t want to waste your time.

They are transparent and keep open communication. There are no surprises during the partnership.

Your recruiter is personable. Your recruiter should be more than just your recruiter, and you should feel as though you can turn to them for help in the future.

At the end of the day, you want to use a recruiter with the right qualities. Remember that most recruiters sincerely want to help you and are in the people business for a reason, but always keep an eye out for these characteristics when searching for the best partnership.