November 2016 - Major Legal Services

The Real Cost of Attorney Turnover

Our Experts | Sally Goodwin   In the legal industry associate turnover can be costly which makes hiring right a significant consideration when attracting qualified practice talent.  In some circles the estimated figures associated with poor retention have reached in the hundreds of thousands depending on level. Additionally, the inherent […]

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How to Explain A Job Departure

Our Experts | Lesley Shiels When you leave a job, it’s important to tailor your story for your upcoming interviews. It might be a little uncomfortable, but it is almost a guarantee that employers will want you to explain your job departure. Here are 6 ways to alleviate the awkward […]

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So You Have Been Asked to Provide a Legal-Based Writing Sample

Our Experts | Sally Goodwin Without a doubt it can be hard to identify the best writing sample to submit during a job search. Once selected you should begin by reviewing the piece for any necessary privilege issues and redactions in accordance with any local rules/statutes. Additionally, you’ll want to […]

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