June 2016 - Major Legal Services

Why You Need to Be Using Video Interviews in Your Hiring Process

Our Experts | Deborah Peters In the past, information technology was a vertical industry that created software, services and devices to sell to other companies. Now tech is integrated into every business, in every industry. This is the time to join the movement with all things tech, to streamline your processes […]

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Dressing For Your Next Law Firm Interview

Our Experts | Lesley Shiels Although the legal profession is still seen as one of the most traditional industries, across the nation many firms are becoming more casual in their dress. Where suits and ties once reigned, there are now business casual dress codes. Some firms now let their workers wear […]

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Why Sell When You Can Build Relationships?

Our Experts | David Allen Pursuing a career in business development? You’ve probably already been told that you will have good days and bad days and not to take rejection personally. That is obviously good advice and maybe a salesperson’s greatest challenge. Here’s another piece of advice that you may not […]

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